Crazy-Thorax Membracid

It started with me crawling through the Tambopata rainforest trying to ID a lizard tucked under a mess of a tree fall. It ended with a low glance and me shouting (to myself) “Crazy-thorax membracid!”


Peru Phil Torres membracid thorax wasp mimic

Heteronotus maculatus(?) posing nicely for me.

I quickly forgot the lizard and started shooting away, fearing I would miss my chance to photograph this insect oddity that I have previously only read about and seen in photos.

And there she was, looking waspy and spiky. That wasp mimicry may trick something that avoids wasps, and those spines may repel anything that doesn’t like to eat spikes, but I get stung too much by wasps and don’t mind thorns, so I stuck around. Treehoppers (also called thorn bugs), of the plant-sucking family Membracidae, are known to have some fantastic looking species within, and most of these belong to the subfamily Stegaspidinae or Heteronotinae. This one here is Heteronotus maculatus as far as I can tell.

Also, they are not really called ‘crazy-thorax membracids,’ though I think it would make a solid common name.

The large spiky extension (called the ‘helmet’) is on the first segment of the thorax and takes on even more extreme forms in other species. In 2011, that extension was claimed to be a novel, never-before-seen-in-insects 3rd pair of wings that had gone a bit artsy. However, that hypothesis was later discredited by this paper, which shows it to merely be extensions of the tergite, rather than an articulating wing appendage.

Membracid thorax spikes Peru Tambopata

The spines likely offer a bit of predator-deterrence.

Superficially, the spikes show a interesting developmental symmetry, making the front and back end a bit confusing for any predator, and likely very uncomfortable to eat.

You can find more information and even crazier looking members of this group here.

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