Macaw Research in Tambopata

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Hard at work, playing with an adorable alien-child macaw chick.


I recently had the pleasure of tagging along with the macaw researchers here at the Tambopata Research Center.

These guys have had world-renowned research here for years, and have come out with many groundbreaking publications essential to conserving macaw species.

Researchers here have solved a lot of macaw/parrot mysteries, like figuring out why the adults eat clay (for the salt!) and gathering an incredible amount of natural history information.

When field research and ecotourism combine, great things happen. This project has been supported by Rainforest Expeditions (who manage three lodges in this area) and it allows tourists from all over the world to come and watch field science in action.


This scarlet macaw is about 7 weeks old, and all full of smiles. Here, researchers are weighing it and tracking its growth.

This smiling raw-chicken looking thing is a one-week-old red and green macaw. Hard to believe it will some day turn into one of the most stunning birds in the Amazon. Puts the ugly duckling to shame.

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This one-week-old red and green macaw chick seems perfectly happy to get weighed by the researchers here.

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