My Favorite Photos of the Year

2013 will likely be the last year of my life in which I spend the majority of my time deep in a rainforest somewhere. While I do have a few field excursions planned this year (Peru, Borneo, and Philippines!) I’m determined to have a bit more of a real life here in the US. These last 2.5 years have been an amazing journey and I am thankful I was able to capture some of the diversity I came across through photos.

Here are some of my favorite images I’ve been fortunate¬†enough to take this year.

Leaf Cutter Ant Flower

Printed this one out to decorate my niece’s room. Hoping to have her pro-bug from the start.



Following scarlet macaw researchers into the field allows you to get some wonderful macro shots of their feathers.



This recently molted spider dangling from its molt will forever be one of the most graceful things I’ve seen.




Individual caterpillars get lost in an aggregation. All spines as they pass the day on a tree trunk which they climb to feed at night.



The parasitized caterpillar hangs, its parasitoid pupates.


Sea lions in Galapagos. Adorable marine mammals everywhere.

Sea lions in Galapagos. Adorable marine mammals everywhere.


Tambopata Peru

The scarlet macaw is stunning blue.


Tambopata, Peru

This white Cyclosa spider blends almost perfectly into its white linear stabilimentum in its web. A perfect, gorgeous camouflage.



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  1. April 6, 2014 - 9:23 pm | Permalink

    Awesome pics! I especially love the ant carrying the petal (?) – love that you put it in your niece’s room. That’s the kinda subliminal messaging I can get behind.

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