I’m a Pretty Butterfly, I Drink My Own Pee (and other disgusting habits)

Written by Phil Torres on November 3, 2011 — Leave a Comment

What drinks its own pee, loves to drink others’ pee, loves eating poop of all kinds, really enjoys eating dead, smelly, decaying animals, drinks our spit, gets drunk often, and will occasionally plug up a female’s genital opening to prevent other males from mating? You guessed it, one of the world’s most (beautifully) disgusting creatures: [...]

Butterfly Sleeping On a Vine

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Sometimes you come across something that can’t help but become an amazing photo. This Ithomia butterfly was asleep on a vine (most butterflies you come across at night are ‘asleep’ under leaves to avoid the rain). Quite a beauty.

Sippin’ on some Antshrike

Written by Phil Torres on October 31, 2011 — 1 Comment

No, antshrike is not an indigenous Ecuadorian drink, though it may be a good name for one. It is a type of bird associated with army ants, it feeds off the insects the long and strong columns of ants scare out of the bush. The following shows a behaviour I’ve never seen or read about [...]

Where there’s a dead snake, there’s a butterfly.

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Anterops sp. butterfly feeding on the carcass of a 2.5 meter red tailed boa we found; killed by a local on a road in the reserve. Its head was cut off with a machete and would have been one of the largest snakes seen at the reserve in months. Sadly, even in areas of the [...]

Life in the Amazon

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A few pictures letting you know what madness I’ve been up to down in the Amazon. (Not) Eating the giant earthworm, Glososcolex giganteus found on the road. Mistnetting birds, getting awesome data. This here is a female blue crested manakin. Catching crazy critters. This here is a fearsome looking Giant Tailless Whip Scorpion. It is [...]