Tambopata, Peru
“Only tough guys catch butterflies.”

Phil Torres is a Cornell University graduate whose studies focus on insects, evolution, conservation, and diversity.  He has appeared on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet as an expert in entomology as well as on Current TV’s award-winning Vanguard Journalism show as a journalist and news correspondent.  His work has ranged from investigating reforestation in the jungles of Puerto Rico to demonstrating nature’s ridiculously cool evolutionary defenses by getting lethal African Spitting Cobra venom shot into his eye.  The latter wasn’t his smartest move as it sent him to the hospital and almost blinded him.  But hey, somebody’s got to do it.  He has also been fortunate enough to participate in scientific expeditions in Venezuela (where he was held at gunpoint) and Mongolia (where he got lost in a forest full of quicksand) and assisted in discovering over 40 new species.

Phil worked as a model, TV Host, and in public science education in Los Angeles for 3 years. He just finished up field work in the Amazon basin of Ecuador, surveying birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians as well as teaching these techniques and is now working in Peru. Spending most days in the field, he is actively working on several conservation projects and honing his skills as a jungle man. His motto: Only tough guys catch butterflies.