If you drink a lot, you, um, pee a lot.

Written by Phil Torres on November 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

This rule is especially true for lepidopterans. One moth was recorded to have excreted over 600 times its own body weight in one drinking session. Why drink so much? For butterflies and moths, this behavior is called ‘puddling’ and typically serves as a method of gaining minerals, mostly sodium, from water on mineral-rich sandy shores, [...]

I’m a Pretty Butterfly, I Drink My Own Pee (and other disgusting habits)

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What drinks its own pee, loves to drink others’ pee, loves eating poop of all kinds, really enjoys eating dead, smelly, decaying animals, drinks our spit, gets drunk often, and will occasionally plug up a female’s genital opening to prevent other males from mating? You guessed it, one of the world’s most (beautifully) disgusting creatures: [...]

One Million Years Without Sex

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Scientists studying a stick insect find it has gone one million years without sex, which will “help researchers understand how life without sex is possible.” In other news, entomologists were stoked to find an insect they have a lot in common with. See report from BBC News: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/14122050

Cocktail Fodder

Written by Phil Torres on October 18, 2010 — 1 Comment

This Thursday I’ll be attending the latest BBM Lounge event, the album release party for  my friend Mark Salling (aka “Puck” from Glee).  Mark is not only a very talented musician but also a very adamant bird conservationist, which puts him good in TheRevScience’s book. As any cocktail party goes, there will be a lot [...]