Sightings from the (Vacation) Field
Posted on  20 Jan, 2016  in Uncategorized
Celebrated New Years in Baños, Ecuador, a town surrounded by the Andes. It is also home to a 200m waterfall overlooking it, hot springs, good nightlife, and enough adventure sports to keep you busy for weeks.
While horseback riding, I saw my first 4 monarch butterflies feeding on lantana flowers. Monarchs are arguably the most well known of butterflies from North America due to their massive yearly migrations however they are not as common in their S. American range. It was nice to see a familiar face, these females were the first monarchs I had seen in my 4 months in the country.

Also spotted was a very impressive hairstreak, Theritas hemon. I had to search high and low for this guy… by which I mean I woke up and it had flown into my window.
Also managed to do some awesome canyoning aka rappelling down waterfalls. While doing this, saw a huge amount of blepharicerid and simuliid fly larvae… And jumped off a 150 foot waterfall while I was at it.