The Best Coil Cleaners for AC Reviews in 2019

Expecting the air conditioner servicing by a pro could lead to a costly action. However, some issues can be fixed by cleaning the air filter or checking the coils in the condenser or evaporator. If you need to clean your AC’s coils, you may find the best coil cleaners in the first place. Other than cleaning it every season, your work might be a bit harder when the summer is around. Here are several best brands for coil cleaners in 2019.
#1 Nu-Calgon 4291-08 Nu-Brite
This brand is our top pick because of several reasons. The fluid is alkaline-based and the price is extremely affordable. This material is easy to use and will become foamy when it contacts dirt. However, this one is corrosive.
#2 ComStar 90-100 Coil Kind Alkaline External Condenser Coil Cleaner
This product is also alkaline-based and priced with an extremely affordable price. It gives such a strong cleaning action while makes foamy shape when it touches the dirt. However, it could remove the coating on metal material which is something you should reconsider after all.
#3 Nu-Calgon 4171-75 Evap Foam No Rinse Evaporator Coil Cleaner
You would love this one because this fluid is non-corrosive, unlike the previous two. It is not as affordable as the previous brands but you can still afford it. It is easy to use and the cleaning property is pretty great. You do not even need to rinse it considering the foam will evaporate. However, it would not remove pet hairs and other hairy stuff.
#4 AC-Safe Foam Coil Cleaner
This brand is easy to use and the price is very affordable too. You do not even need to rinse it at all and will remove the whole per hairs and smelly odors. However, you may need to use it quite often to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime. And this is the end of the solution you can use for your air conditioner servicing.

How to Do Air Conditioner Servicing Properly

Air conditioner or AC has become a staple need in the society and with the growth of the AC units, the needs to do some Air Conditioner Servicing is also growing as well. This is very obvious since the AC is one of the most complicated techs you can find in your home and therefore you need to take great care of it. There are a lot of things you need to mind if you want to start to repair your AC unit on your own. But still, it is at your best interest to call in the professional repairmen to take care of your unit.

The most common issue you can find in the AC unit is the clogged filters or the fans. As we can see, the fans outside the room will transfer the warm air to the machine, in which the machine then will freeze the air so that it could become colder. The most common issue is the filter has been overworked and therefore soaked and clogged.  In that case, you need to clean the filter and also make sure that the surrounding area is free from dust so that you don’t have to call the Aircon Servicing Singapore so often.